Houses For Rent In Charleston SC Always Offer Easy Access To Region’s Best Beaches

While everyone who visits coastal South Carolina has their personal reasons for doing so, access to the Atlantic Ocean is a popular one. That’s because Charleston, which is already well-known for its historical significance and unique architecture, boasts quick access to the beach. How quick? By car, you could get from downtown Charleston to the nearby beach communities in about 20 minutes. This is just one reason why so many people are searching for houses for rent in Charleston SC when the weather starts to get nice. Now that spring is in full swing, it’s time to find the right rental for you and the family come summer. With that in mind, we’re exploring recent recommendations from Conde’ Nast Traveler magazine. Not only will these shoreline suggestions help those looking for houses for rent in Charleston SC, but readers will also learn about why they should be taking day trips out to the coast.


According to the magazine, “You’re never far from the water in this part of South Carolina—and the barrier islands beyond Charleston's city limits beckon for an afternoon jaunt.” This is why places like Isle of Palms and Folly Beach have become so popular for quick visits. The former is home to “seven miles of crystalline shoreline and tight seaside community” while the latter offers “nothing but ocean stretching out before it” on top of “small-town character.” Another location that the magazine suggests checking out is Sullivan’s Island, a barrier island along the coast that boasts a “public beach overlooked by the historic lighthouse.” While there are a half-dozen other beaches near Charleston that are easily accessed, the takeaway is this: You can’t go wrong when picking a site for an afternoon of rest and relaxation on the beach.


Many of those looking for houses for rent in Charleston SC will ask realty companies if a certain property is a good fit for them. The answers vary as much as the clients themselves, but the knowledge that the best local realty companies exhibit is always on display. Carolina One Real Estate, for example, can have upwards of 2,000 properties across four South Carolina counties on the market at a given time. That offers great variety, but someone looking for houses for rent in Charleston SC will have specific needs. With professional realtors standing by, those needs can be readily addressed so that the rental period is perfected by a property that’s always going to exceed every expectation.