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The Sutton Team

Lisa and David Sutton, realtors with Carolina One’s Coleman office, share a passion both for the Lowcountry and for real estate. Lisa’s parents, Air Force veterans, retired to Mt. Pleasant in 1973. Having visited the area for more than 20 years, the Suttons finally made the move from Atlanta in 2012.

Their bustling corporate careers centered around sales and marketing at major technology firms like IBM, Siemens, BellSouth, MCI and Lockheed Martin. Lisa was an expert in call center technologies and solutions selling, while David, focused on the promotion and marketing of software, security and networking companies. The Suttons today are applying “lessons learned” in these fields to their real estate careers.

“My corporate clients required customized solutions to key business problems. That experience helps me craft creative solutions for homeowners and buyers with equally unique needs,” said Lisa, whose real estate career began in 2007.

“Throughout my marketing career, it’s been important to have a good story to tell,” adds David. “Any leading product or service has a good story behind it, bringing home its greatest value. We have great stories to share about living in the Lowcountry … beautiful scenery, great food, a unique history, a growing economy, and a healthy real estate market.”

“We whole-heartedly believe in real estate as an investment and see it as one of the most important decisions a family can make,” says Lisa. “We help our clients achieve the best returns on their real estate dollar.”

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