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Can't Receive unless I ask! Sellers: Askingyou to List your Home. Buyers: Let me help you purchase your New Home inCharleston SC!

I have many accomplishments over my life span
as you can see, I think my biggest and best accomplishment is my 3
beautiful children (my gift from God). My Life priority is God (Abba),
Family and Work ie Real Estate. I choose to do Real Estate because I was
looking for the thing that I would enjoy doing, that won't seem like a
chore, but more of a hobby...the thing that interest me and I actually
enjoy waking up every morning doing. I really think it choose me. I love
being around people, love negotiating deals and managing the process. I'm
asking you for your Business. I'm here to be a service to you and your
family, so let me help you with your home buying or selling experience and
manage the process for you.

Let me share with you two of my deals...

* Had a couple come in...they wanted to buy a home, didn't have much money
for down payment and the home they were looking at wasn't really want they
wanted, there heart wasn't in it because they really felt they were
settling. The property they really wanted they thought they couldn't get
financing...I did my research and found them a loan officer that could get
them approve for the home they wanted and also negotiated the deal that
they received money back at closing.

* Another deal...client had been looking for sometime for a condo, found
this condo for her and when I went to check it out I just knew it was the
one, she walked into the condo and said we don't have to look at anymore
property this is it, wrote the contract it was excepted. The seller than
comes back and try to retract the offer because of the financing options
that my client was going to use, it was going to take 45 days to close vs
normal 30 because it had to be approve by FHA and there was no guarantee
that it would get brokers my surprise the
seller agent put the property back on the market. To make a long story
short we closed on that was not a easy deal. It required a
lot of leg work that was not my responsibility to do but I was determined
to get this deal close and no one was going to take from my client what we
both knew was suppose to be hers.

  • Retired from the USAF in 2007 after 20+ in Logistics, MSgt Stephanie L. Yates
  • Worked 2yrs with Contracting Office in Richmond VA
  • Worked 2yrs with Passport Office in Charleston in Accounts Receivable
  • Have Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Marketing
  • Currently doing Real Estate in Charleston SC since May 2015

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