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Charleston, Downtown
49 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401-3001

Nat Wallen...The Inside Connection to Charleston Real Estate

A True Charlestonian
You may not realize it with his accent, but Nat Wallen is a true Charlestonian. The reason he does not necessarily sound southern is because his grandparents moved from Greenwich Connecticut in the late 40’s to a gorgeous 1000 acre farm on Wadmalaw Island. This gave Nat the opportunity to have an incredible childhood growing up on a tractor on the weekends and summers, while also maintaining a more “normal Charleston life” of growing up in various neighborhoods and areas of the town.


  • Being in Charleston his entire life, Nat has an extensive and intimate knowledge of the neighborhoods, schools and the quality of life that Charleston offers and he is able to easily communicate this to buyers considering a property.
  • As a seller’s agent, Nat has key insight from a long time resident’s perspective regarding values of properties and can easily describe why a seller’s property should be considered over properties in other areas.
  • Important nuances to consider when buying or selling can be gleamed from Nat’s exposure to the City which he will gladly share with you as his client.

A Family Man
Nat has been fortunate to have a family full of women. With a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters, life in Nat’s house is full of flowers and princesses. His children have him wrapped around their little fingers but he feels that is okay “because in the blink of an eye, they will be in College”.


  • Schools, atmosphere, extracurricular activities. All of these things are important to consider when making a decision for your family are a cruial part of the process.
  • Nat loves kids and welcomes their input and the roles they play in the buying and selling process.

A Proven Professional
Nat has helped nearly 1000 families, buyers, sellers, investors and friends with their real estate needs in the area.

  • He has won countless awards in the industry and has consistently been in the top 10 agents in the area.
  • More importantly and in additional to Nat’s wealth of knowledge about all things real estate, he is an expert in marketing, staging, negotiating, creative financing, out of the box thinking, and has the drive and motivation to continue helping as many people as he can until long after the closing has occurred.

“In a profession that must deal with a seller’s anxiety, Nat is in a class by himself! Smart, pleasant, prompt, knowledgeable” – D. Mahon

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