Holly Harper
Office: (843) 556-5800
Mobile: (843) 830-9122
Fax: (843) 202-8601

Charleston Central
873 Orleans Road Suite 102, Charleston, SC 29407

I'm a mother, and love my church and country. 
I will represent your best interests and look out for you every step of 
the buying/selling process.


  • Married with 2 children (daughter and son)
  • Helped manage my husband's construction company for 17 years
  • Active member of my church (choir, orchestra, soloist, and Sunday School teacher
  • Very patriotic (several veterans in my family)
  • I've song the national anthem at the Riverdogs game several times. I love to sing!!!
  •  I've lived in a few states and know what it's like to move cross country.

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