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Denise D. Murray grew up in a small town called Snow Hill in North Carolina. After graduating high school, she joined the US Air Force as a Traffic Management Specialist. She completed two permanent tours (New Mexico and Germany) and one Deployment (Kuwait) and separated Honorably after 9-11. She and her husband were relocated to Joint Base Charleston, where her husband served as Department of Defense, Aerial Port supervisor and she pursued a career in Real Estate. Denise studied Theology at the Grace Hill Bible College. She held the position as Youth Leader and Mentor at both the local and National levels within her church organization. She later founded, STEPS Youth & Adults, a Non-profit organization that focuses on meeting the needs of children and adults within the local community.

Denise grew up a country girl who worked in the fields to pay her way through school and help her mom maintain the home. In her home, topics relating to buying or selling Real Estate were always centered around the “rich” neighbors down the street. She didn't know that home ownership was even a possibility for her family. When she graduated high school, she left her hometown to join the military. She was surrounded by people who lived the dream that she desired as a child. Her eyes were opened to a whole new world and she now believed that the impossible belief of being a homeowner was now within her reach. While she enjoys working mostly every aspect within the Real Estate industry, the part that brings her the most joy is working with first-time homebuyers. "The feeling that I get when I’m at the closing table with a first-time homebuyer, is indescribable. It’s an amazing feeling when God allows you to see exactly how your purpose impacts others.”

What Denise brings to you as a Realtor are those work ethics that were taught to her by her mother and grandmother while working in those fields as a child. She is someone who understands the meaning of hard work, someone who continues to look for ways to self-improve, someone who knows how to weather the storm and pushes to get the job done despite the circumstance. She is your biggest supporter and cheerleader, and she wants your dream to be the next impossibility made possible. She is who you will want to represent you as your Realtor.




What is D.N.A?  D.N.A. is what I look for in any potential client

 (D) DESIRE - Have you thought, wished or wanted to buy or sell property?
    (N) NEED - Is it important that you, or essential for you to buy or sell property?
    (A) ABILITY - Are you prepared both mentally and financially to buy or sell property?

Do you have strong D.N.A.?

​If you answered Yes or maybe to each of these questions, you have the D.N.A. that I'm looking for.




BUY: Whether a First-time home buyer, or a seasoned buyer, I offer you hands-on service to help you find the property that is just right for you. With your determination and my experience, I can help you avoid the pitfalls of purchasing and lead you to a successful closing.

SELL: ​As a Seller, I offer you expert advice on the current market to help you price your property just right, and tips on how to make your home appeal to more buyers.  To ensure maximum exposer for your home, I an extensive marketing program for you as a seller. This program includes but is not limited to, Agent car-a-van tours, Open Houses, Virtual tours, posting listing on various Websites and Social Media, Newspaper Advertising, Signage and an Inventory of Potential Buyers.

LEASE: ​If you are looking for a home, but aren't quite ready to purchase, as a Tenant I'll work just as hard to ensure that you find what works for you.  Long after you've signed your lease, I'm here for you.

Languages: German

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