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A Charleston native with a strong career under her belt and an artistic hand makes Carolina Jewett the idea person to help you find or sell your home.

Carolina grew up in Charleston. Having attended Christ our King, Bishop England and College of Charleston; Carolina has had the opportunity to watch her home town develop from a small town to a bustling, up-and-coming city. She knows the in’s and outs, the best short cuts and is always in the know when it comes to what new restaurants are coming and what the latest hype is.

After living in San Diego for almost 5 years, Carolina decided to move back to Charleston with her husband to be close to family and raise her children in the same kind of amazing environment she was fortunate enough to grow up in. She and her husband, Kevin live in the Old Village with their son, Charlie (2) as well as her beloved springer spaniel, Luna. Carolina’s husband Kevin is a professional sailor, which takes him on the road quite a bit, but when he is home he has partnered with Carolina’s father in the family business of roasting Coffee. As she made the transition home, Carolina realized that the corporate life that had once driven her was no longer her dream and that she wanted to do something that not only used her corporate experience but also recognized her talent as an artist. Real estate seemed to be calling her name from all directions.

  • A seasoned professional with 10 years of corporate and small business experience, Carolina developed skills that will help you in the negotiations that can be so painstakingly hard.
  • From high-level negotiations with Boeing to process improvement and innovative marketing strategies at IBM as well as communication at a small defense-contracting firm, Carolina will have experience to help you.
  • These combined with her natural aptitude to be a team player, natural leader and innate ability to think outside the box will make finding your home or listing your home.
  • Concurrently, she has continued to hone and develop my skills as an artist in both traditional and digital platforms, maintaining the integrity of my artistic abilities through continued practice while developing new skills through experimentation.
  • Over the course of her life Carolina has not only worked to strengthen her career but also her community, by volunteering through non-profits and serving on their boards.
  • Having been born abroad, Carolina is fluent in both English and Spanish and have been fortunate enough to use my language skills in the workplace.
Languages: Spanish

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