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When It comes to Hard work and firm determination in the field of Real Estate Atiba Bilal Russell has a good name in the beginners who struggled hard to be a good professional. Atiba Bilal Russell illustrates integrity, energy, hard work, and creative services in every detail of Real Estate Administration.

Early age:

Atiba Bilal Russell was born on September 25th, 1992 and brought up in Charleston South Carolina. He is a proud son of Mr. Arthur Richard Russell Sr. and Mrs. Florine Smalls Russell and sweet brother of Arthur Russell Jr, Kevin Russell, and Ayana Russell.    

Educational Career:

He has been very influential in social works as well as in sports and a very active participant of church pursuits since his childhood. After completing his graduation from Goose Creek high school in 2011, Atiba Bilal Russell moved to Orangeburg South Carolina, graduating with a Bachelors in Marketing strategies from South Carolina State University in the year 2015. He has continued achieving early and since built a good career in his field. During his stay in South Carolina University, he took too much in interest in the campus activity board activity and keeping his interest in view he involved with full devotion in that activity due to his creative state of mind. Atiba took advantage of his opportunity and joined American Marketing Association. To pursue his career in the demanding field he attended American Intercontinental University and Atiba sought his future career there so he decided to join it and complete his Master degree from there. Nowadays he is completing his MBA in operational Management from American Intercontinental University and hoping to get his degree most probably in July 2017.

Work Experience:        

During his study, Atiba Bilal Russell worked for Pendergrass moving company on the designation of a mover. Atiba Russell is passionate about the needs and demands of his clients and specializes in bringing relief to home sellers who have had a problem with selling their homes on their own or with an assistance of some other agent. By working with this company Atiba Bilal Russell found himself in love and passion with the Real Estate field. He was introduced to Real Estate Business by his friend of the family relative Everette Presson who is one of the top-rated salesmen in the state of South Carolina. Searching for new beautiful homes for buyers, keeping in touch with updates, making buyers feel satisfied to purchase homes and the actual moving process to make sure every detail became his passion and aspiration. He works every aspect of the Real Estate representing sellers, buyers, investors and banks in both the residential and commercial market as well. He is totally devoted and honest to his work.  

Professional Skills:

Atiba Bilal Russell takes everything produces to the next level. His outstanding working abilities make him expertise in Real Estate and niche markets. He has exceptional bond with clients, an excellent knowledge of requirements, and an extraordinary approach of take an advantage of the opportunity. He has exceptional quality of skilled negotiations, professional analysis of property values and stay in touch with latest market trends. He has made a high-level commitment to his career. Atiba Russell uses his skill, professional experience and vision to dynamically explain details before they become a problematic situation. He leads, instructs, and communicates with his clients better than none. Six words you can count on from Atiba Bilal Russell knowledge, love, commitment, passion, integrity, and satisfaction.   


Atiba Bilal Russell has straight forward strategy for his clients. His strategy is to arrange a beautiful home for those clients who are searching for their first home at very first in the in the market so that they may not find it difficult to search for their shelter. He better knows other’s competition in the market but he guarantees to provide his services which enhance the demand, and which presents easy approach to his clients and offer helpful track that leads to client satisfaction. Atiba Bilal Russell is concerned about help his clients get their dream home in society. His duty is to make his customer happy in any condition. Making a lot of money is not his priority but customer’s satisfaction is his all earning. Satisfaction is his number one quality. Atiba Russell has demonstrated his knack for business and client satisfaction over the years. If the client is happy Atiba Russell is happy, but if the client is unhappy so is he. To keep in touch with customer trends, Atiba Bilal Russell also provides valuable options for home choices that measure Real Estate performance graph up to date.

Future targets:    

Determination can lead anybody towards the heights of success. With the same determination and passion in the field of Real Estate the future target of Atiba Bilal Russell is to become a top Real Estate agent in the state of South Carolina. Atiba Russell does have all skills and expertise to be a top agent.   


As healthy mind is in the healthy body, keeping this saying in mind Atiba Bilal Russell is very concerned about his healthy life. An athlete by nature he loves to play football and basketball which keeps him active. He has also played football for his school Goose Creek High School and helped them to a 13-1 record his senior year. For his mental health, he loves to play video games and a competitive gamer as well. Besides sports Atiba Russell is very sociable and likes to meet new people. He is fond of social networking as well. In his spare time, he enjoys a good time with friends and family. He also likes to day trade abuy stocks and shares in stock market as well. All these qualities collectively make him a good Real Estate agent in the market.        

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