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Trish Bender

Sales Associate MA, SFR, Realtor 
Licensed in SC

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Voice Mail:
   (843) 276-1618
Cell Phone:
   (843) 276-1618
   (843) 746-4691

James Island, West Islands Office
1265 Folly Road
Charleston, SC 29412

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Trust Reliability Integrity Service Heart

Trust      Reliability     Integrity    Service    Heart    My 30 year proven formula for your success!

Trust that Trish's experience and negotiating skills will create a successful outcome for you.

Rely on Trish to take care of the details. 

Know that Trish brings honesty and Integrity to every decision. 

Expect excellent Service from Trish every time.

Know that her Heart is as present as her head when helping you through the process.

Trish takes a holistic approach to real estate, helping you navigate and enjoy the entire process, start to finish. Your success is just as important as hers and it shows! Just ask the hundreds of clients she's help succeed over the years.  90% of her business is by referral of past clients.  That's a httpnetwork you can trust. 



  • EXPERIENCED - 30 years in client service and sales
  • EDUCATED - BA & MA in Business, Technology & Human Resources
  • CONNECTED - state-wide network of possibilities at your service
  • SKILLED - Probate, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Resale, Zoning...

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